Side Yard Expansion

If you own a home in Cleveland, you may be eligible to buy the vacant lot next door from the City of Cleveland for $200. The lot must share a border with land you already own. Only homeowners can apply, not renters, businesses, churches, or organizations.

For more information, read the frequently asked questions (FAQ) page.

1. Browse for and select a lot

Note: Not all properties listed on the map may be available. Contact the Land Bank at 216-664-4126 for more information if necessary.

To get started:

  1. Enter your address above or browse the map to view available lots
  2. Click on a green lot for details

Your selected lot:

Use the map above and select the lot you want to apply for or enter the lot address and parcel number if you know it already


Cleveland, OH

Your adjacent lot:

Provide the following information about the lot you own that is adjacent to the selected lot


Cleveland, OH

2. Upload a picture of your proposed site plan


To determine if your plans for the Land Bank lot meet city code and are appropriate for the neighborhood, a detailed site plan is required.


  1. Draw an outline of the property you own and the outline of the Land Bank lot
  2. Draw and label existing features on your property and the Land Bank property
    • Draw and label your existing house, sidewalk, driveway, garage, fencing, landscaping, etc., and illustrate what you plan to put on the Land Bank property
    • Label your street name and your house number
    • Draw an arrow to point north
  3. If you plan to put up a new fence, show where, what material type (wood picket, decorative metal, etc., but not chain link in front), and the height (note that fences in residential front yards cannot be over 4 feet high and must be at least 50% see-through; other fences cannot be taller than 6 feet)
  4. If your plans include new landscaping or a garden, indicate:
    • Proposed location of any new grass, trees, shrubs or gardens (label each)
    • Proposed size of vegetation/gardens
    • Type of plants (native area plantings are highly encouraged). Refer to Re-Imagining Cleveland: Ideas to Action
  5. Show any other improvements you plan to make such as patios, walkways, play sets, gazebo, etc.

Sample site plan


Your plan must be in PDF or image (JPG, PNG) format. Max size 5mb.

Cost estimates

Describe improvements you will make to the lot and how much they will cost

3. Contact information


4. Eligibility and Terms

Program Eligibility

  • You can't owe money for property taxes, water bills, grass cutting, etc.
  • Your home must meet building codes
  • Owners of apartment buildings, businesses, churches, or organizations must apply using a different application for development
  • If other adjacent home owners want to acquire the same lot, the lot can be split and transferred to the respective property owners. When lots are split, homeowners are required to administer and pay for lot surveys as well as the recording of a lot consolidation plan. The cost varies and may exceed $1,000

Buyer responsibilities

  • Parcels are sold for $200 each. Recording fees typically range from $70-$100
  • You will need to pay property taxes. For a future property tax estimate, contact the Cuyahoga County Fiscal Office at 216-443-7010 or check the property tax calculator
  • The City is not responsible for cleanup or improvement
  • Applicant must obtain all necessary approvals and permits from the City prior to making any improvements or commencing construction. Detailed information can be found on the City’s website
  • You can't use the lot for commercial purposes, parking, storing vehicles or materials, or any use prohibited by code


The City reserves the right to accept or reject any and all land use proposals. Land use criteria are largely based on the City’s 2020 Citywide Plan, its Sustainable Development Pattern initiative, and input from community development corporations and City Council members. Additionally, side yard requests may not be approved in neighborhoods where there is a demand for new housing

The City may place conditions on the sale and incorporate them as deed restrictions. If the buyer fails to make proposed improvements or properly maintain the property, the City may exercise its discretion and take back title to the property. Typical deed restrictions may include but are not limited to:

  1. Removal of driveway apron (curb cut), reinstatement of curb and tree lawn
  2. Installation of new fencing to code regarding setback, height restrictions and materials. In some cases, all existing fencing may be required to be brought up to code
  3. Completion of new landscaping to code
  4. The combined properties must be maintained in a decent, safe and sanitary manner. This includes keeping the properties free and clear of debris and weeds

By checking the box below, I certify that the information provided is correct and true to the best of my knowledge. Falsifying or deliberately omitting any information regarding this application will result in immediate termination from the program and/or the City of Cleveland seeking remedies available under law

If you have any questions, please contact:

City of Cleveland Land Bank
Phone: (216) 664-4126